What is Person-Centred Counselling?

Person-centred counselling (PCC) is a humanistic therapy, meaning that is based around the understanding that humans are individuals and each have a unique and different understanding of the world giving them the ability to make their own independent choices in their lives.

The therapy encourages the individual to start to engage in self-reflection in order to become more aware of who they are as a person, defining and understanding things for themselves rather than allowing others to do it for them.

PCC is a ‘talking’ therapy meaning that it is often in one-to-one settings with you and a counsellor in a private and safe space for you to start to voice your worries or talk through any issues you wish to. 

The counsellor is there at your side in the session being guided by your needs in the moment; listening to you, supporting you, helping you along your journey of self-discovery. 

The process can help many individuals, applicable to a wide range of issues a person may bring to a session. It can be useful for those experiencing day-to-day issues (e.g. family issues, work stress etc) as well as those who may be struggling with psychological or mental health issues (depression, PTSD etc). 

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